My Happy Life


Sharing one bedroom for 2 grown adults (and a dog) was hard at first.
Somehow, though, it doesn’t even seem that bad anymore. Somewhere along the line, we adjusted and seem to have all the absolute necessities.
There are still some boxes in the garage that we can’t unpack due to lack of space. But, I have to wonder if we need them still.

I’m sure, once I open them, I will realize how much I “need” everything in them. But if they are SO needed, how have we made it so far on just what’s in that room? Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

After reading the book Room: A Novel, I find myself wondering what Jack wondered. Why do I need any more shirts that the one I wear?


Merriam-Webster Definition
excess (n): undue or immoderate indulgence.

At what point are we excessive?

My first thought was that I could have just 7 of everything, for the days of the week. 7 tank tops, 7 t-shirts, 7 long sleeves, 7 sweaters, 7 jeans, 7 7 7 …. But guess what that adds up to. A TON OF CLOTHES! Haha!

I got inspired by the most recent Silpada Catalog.
When I choose which jewelry to cash in on with my free jewelry certificates, I have to be very strategic. I will never have every piece in the catalog as there are over 500, but if I buy the right pieces, it can be worn with anything/paired with all colors/dressed up and down as life requires and be more valuable to me in its versatility. I love their “Wear it 3 Ways” pages.


She’s wearing the same necklace, earrings, rings, and bracelet in every single outfit. And each one looks so different from the next.

I tried to imagine how I do this with my clothes.
I am thrifty with so much of what I do. I have a route plan when I run my errands to save on mileage and gas. I have a menu plan each week to save on grocery costs and wasted food. Why didn’t I have a clothes plan to simplify things?

I wish I had a computer program like Cher in Clueless….

Cher in Clueless

I do happen to have an extremely fashion-savvy little sister, but she doesn’t live here.

So, my goal in the coming months is to figure out how to practically reduce my excess in the closet. It’s good for our current situation. It’s good for our future situation as the closets are small there, too. It’s hopefully healing to get rid of a lot of “stuff”. I want to change my mindset to default to need instead of defaulting to want.

Let’s not talk about my shoe problem today ;-)


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4 thoughts on “Excess

  1. My friend Abby and I are about to start reading “More or Less” by Jeff Shinaburg, which is about simplification, and we think there’s a chapter on closets, including clothes. Maybe you’d enjoy it too?

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