Planning to Succeed

Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

I love the saying “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

I think it carries so much weight in so much of my everyday life. From cleaning to groceries and even EATING.
I used to think my “Type A” Planny McPlannerson nature was just me being compulsive and controlling, but I’ve noticed so much lately how the plan helps save time, money, and sanity on a daily basis.

I’ve got a lot of areas where I find plans really help out, but I’ll keep to one today.

Chore Planning:

Chores have a day of the week for us. At first I thought it was just me being compulsive, but as I’ve been watching this play out, I have seen so many ways it has helped us.

ChoresReasons why chore planning isn’t just Type A.

1.) Having a day for each task ensures consistency. You’ll never have a shower that’s been uncleaned for months and now requires excessive scrubbing. This also allows you to use gentler chemicals. Maybe you CAN just clean with lemon or vinegar and get poisons out of the house.

2.) It makes large projects like keeping an entire house clean more manageable. I set the timer for an hour and go. There’s 2,000 sq. ft and 2 of us to do the work. I did 30 mins when it was just me in an apartment. Mom’s may need 45 mins or WHATEVER. When it’s done, I tie up loose ends and finish next week. I wipe my hands of it.


3.) Kick that last minute tidy-frenzy when guests come over. You’ve cleaned everything in your home within the last 6 days, how bad could it REALLY be? Move some clutter and piles of shoes from the door and you’re good. Unless you have muddy kids- then good luck! ;-)

4.) It frees you. By setting the timer and cleaning until that one hour (or 30 mins. or 2 hours.) is done, you know that  YOU are done for the day and it’s a great feeling. The rest of the day is for you/work/class/whatever! If I notice something annoying in the office, I have been training myself to leave it until Friday and keep moving.

5.) It ensures nothing gets forgotten! How often to you overlook the towels or bedding? Have you ever been shoving your sheeting into the washer when the question “when was the last time I washed these?” pops into your head? No need.


6.) It welcomes and encourages help. Everyone in this house knows that Tuesday is for the carpets and floors. While future-mom-in-law and I do most of the cleaning, future-huzz helps us move things, reach things, lift things. Its floor day. It’s discussed at the breakfast table.

So many people make a plan, don’t stick to it and think they’ve failed. You’re human. You are busy. Try again tomorrow!
It’s just a piece of paper and it cannot ground you for disobeying!
At the end of the week or month, if you find you’re not capable of cleaning the bathrooms on Monday because you have Zoomba on Sunday and your quads are too sore, MOVE IT! Be true to you when you make your plans :)


If you know you don’t have time to clean for an hour, schedule 30 mins. If you know 30 mins will make you nuts, schedule in 10 minutes right before bed.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. If you can just get yourself to clean the bathroom 3 of the 4 Mondays next month, you’ve made progress. Add windows or fridge cleaning the next month and build where you feel comfortable. Don’t get down on yourself if you try to make a plan and find it takes a while to start sticking to it.

** Side note: We have laundry days because 4 adults in one house resulted in things getting put in the dryer that shouldn’t have been, bleached clothes, and all sorts of mayhem. But I noticed once we started that I must have been going every 2 weeks before because I never feel like I have that much to do on laundry day anymore. WEIRD!

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One thought on “Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

  1. I love how you plan and make lists! Seems like you found a system that works for you, so you should definitely keep it around! I love having things planned out…for me it’s a stress reliever, but I can see how some people would find it more stressful having it in writing. Ah well! We type A planny mcplannersons have to stick together! :)

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